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Employer Job Information

Career Services offers several options for employers seeking to fill their various employment programs:

Employers may post jobs, conduct on-campus interviews, information tables, and participate in career fairs.

AggieCAREER Manager

NMSU Career Services utilizes the AggieCAREER Manager online system (Powered by Handshake), a web-based recruiting system that allows employers to access and manage their recruiting activities from one centralized source. Employers may post jobs, schedule on-campus interviews, request information tables and register for career fairs

Job Postings

Career Services offers FREE job postings for employers. By utilizing the AggieCAREER Manager system, you can post your employment opportunities and monitor the candidate pool. The AggieCAREER Manager system automatically generates email reminders when students apply for a job or when a posting is about to expire.


NMSU Career Services offers two recruiting seasons during the academic year:

  • Fall (mid-September – mid-November)
  • Spring (February – April)

Employers planning on-campus recruiting activities may develop their schedules by utilizing the AggieCAREER Manager system. To reserve a recruiting date simply request through AggieCAREER Manager system by developing a profile and requesting your recruitment date(s).
If you have questions or need assistance with scheduling your recruitment activities, please contact Career Services at 575-646-1631.

Career Fairs

Career fairs are ideal venues to connect with a large number of candidates. Candidates include graduating students as well as other students who are seeking internships or are interested in conducting company research for future employment. Review our career fairs tab for a schedule of upcoming dates.


Want to cater a lunch during your recruiting efforts at NMSU?

Call Sodexo to make an order:
Sodexo – Catering Manager
NMSU Sodexo Catering

Non-Discrimination Policy

Employers and their representatives must comply with NMSU’s nondiscrimination policy, and comply with all federal and State of New Mexico affirmative action and equal employment regulations. NMSU Career Services Office reserves the right to deny an employer, agency, or recruiter access to our services and will choose to do so if an organization does not adhere to this policy.

NMSU Career Services Office reserves the right to investigate complaints by students about employers or jobs posted through our office. If we determine that a complaint is justified, the Department may choose to deny employer services to the employer involved and report the complaint to the NMSU Office of Institutional Equity. The Director will notify the employer should a situation result in this type of a decision.  Please click here for NMSU’s official non-discrimination policy. Please complete the Employer Compliance form.

Third-Party Employment

NMSU Career Services (Career Services) does not post job listings on AggieCAREER Manager or refer résumés to third-party recruiters.  Career Services subscribes to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principles for Professional Conduct and the Southern Association of Colleges and Employer’s definition of Third Party Employment Services.

Definition:  Third Party Employment Services (TPES) are agencies, organizations, or individuals recruiting candidates for employment opportunities other than for their own needs.  TPES usually receive a commission or fee for placement of the candidate, either from the candidate or the employer, or receives a fee from the employer to conduct a search.  Two criteria further define third-party recruiters:  (1) the party listing the vacancy cannot reveal to the candidate the name of the employer who has the vacancy, and (2) the party listing the vacancy is not the employer but is acting as an agent for the employer.

In as much as a TPES does not release the names of its client employers, and because NMSU Career Services can neither research TPES nor hold such agencies accountable, TPES will not be allowed to post jobs, recruit, or interview on campus in the Career Services Office at NMSU.

Employers obtaining résumés from the Career Services are prohibited from releasing the résumés to other employers or third parties unless express written consent is given to them directly by the student.  The résumés must be used for the sole purpose for which they are intended.