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Cooperative Education & Internship Program

Required Documentation Deadline!

Every semester, there is a deadline to request approval for Co-op / Internship Experiences. The Request an Experience Form along with an official job offer letter and official job description are DUE by the last day to add a course with the instructor’s permission:

Academic Year 2019 – 2020

  • Fall 2019:  Thursday, August 30, 2019
  • Spring 2020:  Thursday, January 31, 2020
  • Summer 2020:  Wednesday, June 3, 2020

History of Cooperative Education & Internships

The Cooperative Education program began at New Mexico College of Agricultural and Mechanical Arts (now NMSU) in the summer of 1929 in the College of Engineering. The first opportunities in the new Cooperative Education program were offered to students in Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Geological Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering and Mining Engineering.

Our mission is to provide experience-based learning for NMSU students through paid employment in practical, curriculum-related work assignments structured to meet student’s interests, abilities, and career goals while meeting employers’ needs.
The essence of the Cooperative Education program is a partnership effort where the student, the employer, and the University all participate on an equal basis in an effort to make the educational experience richer and more meaningful.

Roseanne Bensley, Ph.D.
Associate Director
Jasiel Perez, Ed.D.
Coordinator – Cooperative Education & Internship Program


Sam Pedrotty at Nasa
Sam Pedrotty at Nasa

“My experience with NASA was amazing. I was able to attain the benefits I sought, including a brief break from classes, great hands-on engineering experience, a good salary, and fantastic networking opportunities. I had no idea, however, that I would also change so much and learn about myself at the same time. I can’t recommend going on co-ops or internships enough, I can’t think of another alternative that gives you so much.”

Sam Pedrotty (NMSU College of Engineering Student)


Anthony Levine at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge
Anthony Levine at the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

“As a Civil Engineering major, working at the City of Las Cruces in Public Works and obtaining a spot on the coveted NMSU Bridge Inspection Program were two dreams I could never have realized without the Cooperative Education and Internship Program. At both jobs, I have gained valuable experience in my field using some of the latest design software, data management and analysis, and hands-on inspection techniques. All students should seek co-operative educational opportunities to broaden their skill set and apply their academic knowledge.”

Anthony Levine (NMSU College of Engineering Student)


Analicia Alvarez at Walt Disney World
Analicia Alvarez at Walt Disney World

“I have always wanted to become a Disney Imagineer, but I was nervous that being a Disney Imagineer wouldn’t be everything I had hoped it would be. However after doing the Disney College Program and the Disney Professional Internship, not only do I have a better understanding of the steps I should take to get this career, but now I am even more determined than ever to make my dreams a reality.”

Analicia Alvarez (NMSU College of Engineering Student)


Juan Carlos Aguilar working in the lab.
Juan Carlos Aguilar working in the lab

“The transition from college to a full-time job in engineering can be difficult, especially if you do not have experience. Employers in the engineering field are looking for experienced individuals who can contribute in a positive way to a company. Internships and Co-op’s help us students develop our working skills and allow us to learn through these experiences how things work in a real world engineering job. I was fortunate to have opportunities of working in various projects and locations that allowed me to have a broad experience. I was an Aerospace and Mechanical Engineer and I started working at the New Mexico State University Physical Science Laboratory in my junior year of college as a Co-op engineering aide, working on important projects that are occurring in the professional engineering world. I learned to work in an individual and in team settings in which I was pushed to think outside of the box in order to accomplish tasks. Through my experiences at PSL, I was able to work at NASA Wallops Flight Facility in a Co-op and then a summer after that, I was awarded an internship at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center as a research associate. My experiences in these Co-ops and internships allowed me to develop as a professional engineer and prepared me for a job after graduation. Thanks to these experiences I was also able to obtain a good job in my field of study before graduation.”

Juan Carlos Aguilar (NMSU College of Engineering Student)


Edward Diaz working in the field.
Edward Diaz working in the field.

“I have had an awesome time working for ConocoPhillips. The company really knows how to show their appreciation for their employees. Although I am not a Petroleum Engineer, with help from my peers I caught on quickly. I would recommend working with this ConocoPhillips to anyone interested in the oil and gas industry.”

Edward Diaz (NMSU College of Engineering Student)


“Adjusting to a new Co-op can be difficult, but by being your hard-working self, Co-op’s can be a rewarding experience. Working at Ethicon Endo-Surgery brought me new experiences and reinforced old skills. This includes material related to my degree interest of electrical engineering, project management, the everyday office environment and tasks, and much more. Being able to experience this Co-op was simple thanks to the Co-op/Internship services at NMSU.”

Matthew Givens (NMSU College of Engineering Student)


“The opportunity to intern at NASA provides invaluable experience. The type of internship I had at NASA is known as the OSSI internship with the Office of Education. The technical work is only part of the experience. Yes, you need to be good with technical work, however, you also need to have time management, and be able to coordinate with your co-workers, and work in a team. During my fall 2014 semester here, I had obligations with the Office of Education, my technical lead, my NASA mentor, and my directorate. My obligations for the Office of Education included a brown bag presentation, a project plan submission, and a final report submission. My obligations for my technical lead included software programming, and issues dealing with coordination of time to get on the development environment for testing my code out. My obligations for my directorate included attending various tagups for reporting status of my technical work, to attending all hands meetings held by the Director of the directorate to meetings held by the division chief.”

John Wang (NMSU College of Engineering Student)


“As my co-op with City of Las Cruces draws to a close and I reflect back on all I have learned, I realize what an excellent experience this has been. I gathered much knowledge in the classroom, but a hands-on approach has been invaluable. Working with professional engineers and learning from them has served as a beneficial ending to my formal education. In my opinion, the best way to learn is by doing. I am truly grateful for this opportunity.”

Paola Guzman (NMSU College of Engineering Student)


“I was hired as a parallel Cooperative Education student with the NMSU Physical Science Laboratory (PSL). By working at PSL and attending school, I have had the opportunity to gain valuable work experience while still pursuing a degree in the mechanical engineering department. As a parallel Co-op student, all the projects I have worked on pertain directly to the classes I have taken, or will take, and ultimately to my degree and my career. The work I have been assigned at PSL has been challenging yet useful. Being involved in the Co-op Program at PSL has given me the opportunity to excel in my classes and has already significantly contributed in getting hired for summer internships and I expect will ultimately aide in employment after college.”

Katrina Heyne (NMSU College of Engineering Student)


“For the past 6 months, I have a had the pleasure of participating in the Cooperative Education/Internship program at ExxonMobil Research and Engineer in Paulsboro, NJ working as a product technologist on the Mobil 1 team. This opportunity has allowed me to apply my education that I gained as an undergraduate in Chemical Engineer to solve critical real world problems and contribute to innovations in next generation technology. I would highly recommend that everyone pursues an internship or Co-op program before they graduate, to prepare themselves for successful careers”.

Joshua Catanach (NMSU College of Engineering Student)


“The Cooperative Education and Internship program has opened the door to my future. Through Career Services I am basically set when I graduate, I’ll have worked for Harris Corporation at the NASA Test Facility in Las Cruces where I was able to contribute to the Space Network which then allowed me to be offered another internship with Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. I would have to say the best thing about NMSU is definitely Career Services.”

Lukas Verzola (NMSU College of Engineering Student)