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AggieCAREER Manager – Student Help Guide


This guide will help you navigate your AggieCAREER Manager account. Your AggieCAREER Manager account provides you with access to view and apply to job postings, submit a resume for pre-select, and schedule interviews with nationwide employers participating in the On-Campus Interview Schedule Program, as well as RSVP for Career/Job Fairs and Workshops.


Career Advisors are available at all campuses to assist you with your job search. Some of the main career advising topics are resume, cover letter, interviewing, and job search. Contact your local office to schedule an appointment.


Need Additional Help?

NMSU ~ Las Cruces (Main Campus)
Nova Pena, Coordinator for Employer Relations
575.646.1631 / 575.646.5421 (fax)

NMSU ~ Alamogordo

NMSU ~ Carlsbad
Mario Carrasco
575.234.9335 / 575.885.4951 (fax)

NMSU ~ Grants
Beth Armstead
575.287.6628 / 505.287.2329 (fax)


  1. Go to
  2. Under the AggieCAREER Manager tab, click on Students or Alumni.
  3. If you are a registered user, simply type your username (AggieID number) and password, then click Login. If you are a new registrant, press Click Here to Register.

Note:  If you forgot your password, you can click the “Forgot your password?” link to have it reset and emailed to you. This link is on the Login page.

Log In

  1. Log in and complete Step One: NMSU Registration Agreement. Complete Step Two: Registration Profile. Click Register to submit your profile.
  2. You may refer to the Candidate Registration Agreement located in the Resource Library to review the agreement you signed in Step One of your registration.
  3. Scroll over My Account then My Documents on the left-hand side and upload your default resume. Update your resume often; read the job description for other items that are required.
  4. Click on Job Postings then Job Search; for each search criteria click on Email me new jobs to create a job search agent for your desired search criteria. New jobs will be emailed or sent via text.

Note:  Once you have registered, you will be able to view jobs in the Job Search tab. To apply for jobs your profile must be active and you must upload a resume in “My Documents” for job postings and on campus interviews. You will receive an email once your profile is activated.


  • Employer Directory Tab ~ View employers who have had contact with NMSU and will allow students to contact them directly.
  • Job Postings Tab ~ List of positions for Regular Student Employment, Work Study, Part-time, Full-time, Internships, Cooperative Education, and Graduate Assistantships. Employers may advertise in their departments only. If you are looking for something and do not see it, please ask for assistance.
  • Interview Schedules Tab ~ perform actions related to scheduling interviews. See Interview Schedules section below for more info.
  • Career Fairs and Events  ~ Choose the Career Fairs and Events tab to view all upcoming Career/Job Fairs, Employer Presentations, and Workshops. Read the directions for required RSVP or just show up to the event if no RSVP is required to attend.
  • Resources Tab ~
    • CareerBeam: This website offers a variety of career exploration, research, and planning tools, including resume and cover letter samples and interviewing assistance. Separate (free) registration is required.
    • Separate registration required to access over 10,000 internships.

My Account

  • My Profile ~ Access your personal information (password, phone #, email, majors, GPA, etc.) You MUST update your profile when anything changes.
  • My Documents ~ Here you can upload Microsoft Word, PDF, or RTF documents into the following categories: Resumes, Cover Letters, Unofficial Transcripts, and List of References. You can upload 20 resumes, 20 cover letters, 3 unofficial transcripts, 6 lists of references, and 10 writing samples. When you apply to jobs you will be able to select one document from each of these 4 categories. When uploading more than one resume, be sure to mark the most general resume as the default.
  • My Activity ~ There are 4 types of activity you can view:
    • Referrals ~ These are resumes that you’ve submitted to an employer’s job or Career Services has submitted on your behalf.
    • Placements ~ A placement is recorded when you are placed in a job.
    • RSVPs ~ These are the Career Fairs or Workshops for which you are currently attending.
    • Schedules ~ Your on-campus recruiting interviews which you have requested an appointment.

Note: Don’t forget: you can upload multiple resumes. Also, be specific when naming resumes as it will be easier to identify resumes for referrals

Employer Directory

  • Choose the Employer Directory menu to search through our list of employers. You will only see the employers who have selected to be viewed by students. You will see employers even if they do not have jobs or interview schedules posted currently.

Job Search

Choose the Job Postings tab to begin your search.

  • Scroll over the Job Postings and click on Job Search.
  • Search with any criteria (or enter no criteria to view all jobs)
  • Click on the Job ID to read the details about each job posting and how to apply.
    • Not Qualified:  You will see a message and the reasons why you are not qualified to apply for the job posting. Common reasons include:  need to update profile or upload a resume to your documents.
    • Qualified:  If the employer is accepting applications the Apply Now tab will appear. Use the Submit Resume button to select documents and apply for the position. The employer will notify you of any further action on the job posting.

Note: On a Search Results page, if you click the Email me new jobs link, you can create a Job Agent which will email you new jobs for this search!

Career Events / Job Fairs

  • Choose the Career Fairs and Events tab to view all upcoming Career/Job Fairs, Employer Presentations, and Workshops. Read the directions for required RSVP or just show up to the event if no RSVP is required to attend.

Interview Schedules

Contact Career Services Employer Relations Coordinator with any questions about an interview schedule and eligibility to secure an interview time slot.

Under the Interview Schedules tab you have two options:

  • Sign up for Interviews I Qualify For (this is where you can sign up on Interview Schedules):
    • Put your cursor over Interview Schedule and select Qualified Schedules.
    • Click on Schedule ID to see the specifics of the position.
    • Click on the Interview Date to choose an open Interview time slot.
  • Search (View) All Upcoming Interviews (this is where you view all upcoming Interview Schedules):  You will be able to look at all current schedules in the system under this menu, but you cannot sign up from here. Go to Interviews I Qualify For to apply or sign up on a schedule.
    • Put your cursor over Interview Schedule and select Search (VIEW) All Upcoming Interviews.
    • Fill in the search criteria to narrow down your Interview Schedule search.
    • Click on the Schedule ID to see the specifics of the position.

Note: If the Interview Schedule is a Preselect Schedule, then the employer will be pre-screening applicants. You will be notified via email whether you are selected as Accepted, Alternate, or Not Accepted. Only Accepted and Alternate students will be able to sign up for an interview with the employer.

If the Interview Schedule is an Open Schedule, you can immediately schedule an interview if you meet all the requirements.

Got a Job? Let Us Know!

Should I report an offer?

Yes! ~ You should always report when you get hired. Each reported hire helps Career Services to maintain accurate placement statistics. These statistics allow us to better serve you!

How do I report an offer?

  1. In April and November, an email from Institutional Analysis will be sent to all students who applied for graduation.
  2. Click on the link for the First Destination Survey.
  3. Fill out the survey completely. You will have an option to tell us about any offers that you received (accepted or declined), if you would like to voluntarily withdraw from the job market, or if you did not receive any offers this semester.
  4. The survey will take you to the screens that you would need to fill out. After you have completed your survey you will click on Done.