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AggieCAREER Manager – Employer Guide



This guide will help you navigate through our online Employment Management system. Through AggieCAREER Manager, you will be able to keep your profile updated, view and add job postings, participate in our On-Campus Interview Schedule Program, as well as register for Career/Job Fairs and special events. If you have special requests, please contact our coordinator for Employer Relations at 575.646.1631.

Need Additional Help?

NMSU ~ Las Cruces (Main Campus)
Nova Pena, Coordinator for Employer Relations
575.646.1631 / 575.646.5421 (fax)

NMSU ~ Alamogordo

NMSU ~ Carlsbad
Mario Carrasco
575.234.9335 / 575.885.4951 (fax)

NMSU ~ Grants
Beth Armstead
575.287.6628 / 505.287.2329 (fax)

Register / Log In

After the Storm, Las Cruces, NM – by Don Gass

  1. Go to

  2. Under the AggieCAREER Manager menu, click on Employers or NMSU Departments (on-campus jobs.)

  3. If you are a registered user, simply type your username and password, then click Login. If you are a new registrant, press Click Here to Register.

Note:  You will receive an email after your registration has been approved. While you are “pending,” you can still post jobs and register for events.

If you forgot your password, you can click the “Forgot your password?” link to have it reset and emailed to you. This link is on the Login page.


After you have logged in, you will be on the Home page. Here you will find four useful tools:

  • Announcements ~ Welcome page.

  • Resource Library ~ You will find this Employer Guide and the Employer Recruiting Policy.

  • Quick Links ~

    • Report a Hire – Let us know if you hired one of our students by clicking this link.

    • My Task List – This folder will show all new resume referrals / submissions (you will also be notified via email when a student applies to one of your job postings.)

  • Calendar ~ You will see jobs that are expiring for your company, upcoming interviews and Info Sessions for your company, and any upcoming Job Fairs.

My Profile

Choose the My Profile menu option to update your contact information (password, phone number, email, etc.)

Under the Employer profile, you can opt into the Employer Directory. You can choose to have just your Company displayed or your contact information. This information will be available to students.

My Jobs

Recommendation: It is in the best interest of the employer and candidate to never close a job prior to the original close date.

  • How do I create a new job? ~ Scroll over My Job Postings>New Job to create a new job posting.

  • How do I edit an existing job? ~ Scroll over My Jobs and click on Job List to view a list of all job postings you have created. Click on the Job ID or Job Title to view the Job details. If you edit a job, it will be reviewed by our office before it is re-posted to students again.

  • What do the Job statuses mean? ~

    • Pending – All new jobs and edited jobs will be assigned “pending” status.

    • Active – After a job is approved it will be assigned “active” status.

    • Closed by Employer – This is the status assigned when the employer closes the job. NOTE:  You can close a job by opening it and clicking Close Job at the top of the screen.

    • Inactive – When a job expires it will be assigned “inactive” status.

  • How do I create or view Job Placements or Resume Referrals? ~ There are two ways in which you can view activity on your job postings:

    • Option 1 – Scroll over My Job Postings and click on Job List. Locate the Activity column next to each job. “R” is for referrals. Click the R to view students that have applied/submitted their resume.

    • Option 2 – From your job postings – job list page, click on Job Title to view application activity. On the next screen, select View Activity under the heading Page Functions. All candidates who click on Apply Now will appear in your summary. Click on View to see applicants’ personal message and a link to their resume.


  • When will my job post to students? ~ An AggieCAREER Manager administrator will need to change the status from “pending” to “active” and then the position will post on the Post Date listed. If the Post Date has passed, then it posts as soon as it is approved.

  • When will my job expire to students? ~ When the expiration date is reached. You may edit this date if you want your job posted online for a longer period of time.

  • Will I get an email the day before my job expires? ~ Yes, it will be emailed to the email address listed in your profile, under My Profile.

  • How do I close a job before the Expiration date? ~ Click on your job to view the details. At the left-hand side of your screen, you will see Close Job. Click on that link to close your job. The status will change to “Closed By Employer” and it will no longer be available to students.

  • I’m filling out a job for the first time. What are these fields? ~

    • Show Contact Info

      • Choose Yes to show your contact info section

      • Choose No to not show it

    • Allow Resume Submission through AggieCAREER Manager

      • It is recommended to choose Yes to allow students to submit their resume through the AggieCAREER Manager system. You will receive an email as the students apply.

      • Choose No if you prefer to receive resumes or student contact outside of the AggieCAREER Manager system (be sure to fill out the Application Instructions field, so that students know how to apply.)

    • Email Employer with each Resume Submission

      • Choose Yes and the AggieCAREER Manager system will email you as soon as an applicant submits their resume.

      • Choose No and the AggieCAREER Manager system will NOT email you. You will need to login to view any resume submissions. To do so, follow these steps:

        • Go to My Jobs > Job List

        • Click on the desired job (by clicking on either the Job ID or Job Title)

        • Click the View Activity link at the top of the job. Now you will see the Resume Referrals that have been submitted.

        • Click the SELECT ALL button and then click the CREATE PACKET button to view all resumes.

Hire a Student?

  • Should I report a hire? ~ Yes! You should always report the hire of a student. Each reported hire helps in our office’s endeavor to maintain accurate placement statistics. These statistics allow us to better serve both you and our students!

  • How do I report a hire (Placement)?

    • To report a hire, click on the Report a Hire link located on your Home page (next to the calendar.)

    • If you do find your student, click Select Student next to the student’s email address.

    • Select the job/position for which this student was hired by clicking Select Job.

Interview Schedules

Choose My Interview Schedules to view your on-campus interview schedules.

To request a new On-campus interview schedule, select New Schedule Request (under the My Interview Schedules menu option.) Our office will call or email you to confirm your preferred interview schedule date. If you need to change the date or other preferences at a later time, please call our office.

  • How to print Resume Packets ~

    • Preselect Packet

      • You can print the list of students and resumes that have dropped their resume to your OCR Schedule. To do so, follow these steps:

        • Go to your Schedules List (by clicking on the My Interview Schedule menu option) and then click on the desired Interview Schedule (you can click on the Schedule ID or job title.)

        • Scroll down to the bottom and you will find the Preselect Activity section. Click Manage List in the upper right corner.

        • Click the Select All button and then click the Create Packet button to view all resumes. (NOTE: This is also where you will make your selections as to whether a student is Accepted, Alternate, or Not Accepted for your Preselect Schedule. You will be emailed the day before you can make your selections.)

    • Interview Packet

      • You can print all students info/resumes that are signed up for your Interview Schedule. To do so, follow these steps:

        • Go to your Schedule List (by clicking on the My Interview Schedule menu option) and then click on the desired Interview Schedule (you can click on the Schedule ID or job title.)

        • Scroll down until you get to the Sessions section. Click on the desired Interview Date (there might be several dates listed if you will be using multiple interview rooms.)

        • Scroll down to the end of the page and check the box Check to Email Packet to Self and then Create Packet.

Career Events / Job Fairs

Choose this menu option to register for upcoming events including:

  • Career/Job Fairs

  • Career Services Events