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Financial Avenue

Financial Avenue
Put your finances on the right path: Inceptia’s Financial Avenue offers a range of online courses to help students and adults gain life-long knowledge about the basics of personal money management.


New Users will need an Access Code.
The Red to Green Code is: red123
Financial Avenue Registration Page

Page currently not compatible with IE11/Flash.

Financial Avenue has been made aware there is an incompatibility issue with Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) and Flash. As a result, Financial Avenue users using the IE 11 browser will need to perform the following steps to view the courses and mini-modules:

  1. Upon launching a course or mini-module, right click in the gray area and select the option that says Inspect Element.
  2. A developer’s menu will appear below the gray area; you should now see the course or mini-module and be able to navigate through.
  3. Once the course or mini-module is viewable, close the developer’s menu (there should be an x in the right hand corner of the information that appears on the bottom of the page).

Until Microsoft resolves the issue, Financial Avenue recommends using a different browser such as Firefox or Chrome, or a lower version of Internet Explorer.

They apologize for the inconvenience this may have on you. Until this issue is resolved, please don’t hesitate to contact Inceptia Client Support with any questions. The number is:

Inceptia Client Support
888.529.2028, ext. 6306