Financial Wellness Coaches

Mara Elliott

Mara is a Sophomore who is double majoring in Accounting and Marketing. Mara recently became a part of Red to Green Money Management towards the end of Fall 2015. She is very excited to help out other students and faculty members. She looks forward to helping students and faculty educate themselves more on financial literacy. Such as gathering more information on student loans and scholarships, or creating budgets to help students save money. Mara is excited to share her knowledge with others, whether it be during Red to Green workshops or through one on one appointments.

Marin Macedo

Marin is a freshmen and is majoring in Elementary Education with a TESOL endorsement. Marin is happy to educate others and encourage them to find financial freedom. She believes that so many people are discouraged from fulfilling their goals due to money and she does not want money to stand between students and their dreams! She would love to sit down with students in a one on one appointment to discuss making a budget or any other financial questions they may have.

Lauren Rodriguez

Lauren is a sophomore in college and is majoring in Math Education. She has been a part of the Red to Green Money Management program since the beginning of the semester Spring 2016. She is well-knowledge in how to help people manage their money and is a college student like you who is trying to get through college with making minimum damage in the future. She would be more than happy to help you with any questions you may have about managing money, there is no such thing as a bad question.