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Financial Literacy Coaches

Austin Gentry

Austin is a Senior majoring in Communication Studies with a minor in Anthropology. Austin has taken a Personal Finance class in the College of Business, which has taught him about, Investments, Saving, Budgeting, and other useful financial skills. Austin enjoys discovering ways to be financially self-sufficient and wants to help students learn the same things he has from his education and family. He feels students are not aware of their financial situations and sometimes need a little guidance. Students need to have a place where they can come and seek advice judgment free, that is his goal every day. Austin is always eager to have students come meet with him for advice and to make a personal financial plan.


Kaili Larson

Kaili is a junior majoring in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management with minors in Marketing and Business Administration. Kaili is one semester young to the Red to Green Money Management Program, but has participated in various financial workshops through different leadership programs and is already learning a lot in these first few months. She enjoys the opportunity to help students better their financial situation by empowering them with the ability to make smart money decisions, and looks forward to continuing to do so. Kaili would be happy to meet with any student and assist in whatever way she can.