Cooperative Education & Internship Program

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Student Reminder
Please submit your required paperwork if you have a full-time or part-time Cooperative Education or Internship work assignment during the SUMMER or FALL 2016 semesters. Please contact the office at if you have any questions.
Sam Pedrotty at Nasa

Sam Pedrotty at Nasa

“My experience with NASA was amazing. I was able to attain the benefits I sought, including a brief break from classes, great hands-on engineering experience, a good salary, and fantastic networking opportunities. I had no idea, however, that I would also change so much and learn about myself at the same time. I can’t recommend going on co-ops or internships enough, I can’t think of another alternative that gives you so much.”

Sam Pedrotty (NMSU College of Engineering Student)

The Cooperative Education program began at New Mexico College of Agricultural and Mechanical Arts (now NMSU) in the summer of 1929 in the College of Engineering. The first opportunities in the new Cooperative Education program were offered to students in Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Geological Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering and Mining Engineering.

Our mission is to provide experience-based learning for NMSU students through paid employment in practical, curriculum-related work assignments structured to meet student’s interests, abilities, and career goals while meeting employers’ needs.
The essence of the Cooperative Education program is a partnership effort where the student, the employer, and the University all participate on an equal basis in an effort to make the educational experience richer and more meaningful.

Tony Marin. Ph.D.
Kacie Boylan
Coordinator – Cooperative Education & Internship Program